LGBT San Francisco - The Daniel Nicoletta Photographs


In 2017 the great book maker Tony Nourmand as his team at Reel Art Press put out the first solo monograph of my work covering the journey of LGBT people in San Francisco as photographed by me over the previous 40 years of my career. Gus Van Sant and Chuck Mobley wrote wonderful texts for the book.


For Reel Arts Press the title was a gamble, but the success of the volume was a great relief and surprise to all of us.  The great publicity team fostered over 50 interviews with me and the press from all corners of the globe loved writing about this quirky body of work.


We capped off our debut with a wonderful exhibition sponsored by Levis Corporation in Madrid during World Pride 2017 and my lover Mike and I were brought there to experience a Pride celebration on the world stage which was a first for me and which was wonderful.


The only thing that topped that was a marvelous unveiling in my home town in

San Francisco later that summer, with readings at the SF Library as well as Dog Eared Books in the Castro. Tony Nourmand and Juanita More co-produced a bang up after party at the Veterans Building Green Room which was a night to remember - great fun was had by all.

The great beat poet ruth weiss and her lover Hal Davis opened the library event with an invocation and ruth penned a special poem for the evening.  ruth passed away at the end of 2020 at age 92 and I miss her calming influence greatly.  We had known each other since 1980.


You can watch videos of that evening on the SF Library you tube channel.

The you tube videos are broken up into two separate links.


ruth and Hal’s intro at the library event:


Dan’s book talk at the SF Library event:


and to acquire the book: