Oregon Work

After residing in San Francisco for 40 years, I moved to Grants Pass, Oregon on February 1, 2014. While living in SF I loved visiting Grants Pass for long weekends, but I never imagined I would move here. By 2014 when I moved here, It made more sense to my creative workflow to live in this semi-rural setting. I miss my friends in SF, but thankfully there has been a constant stream of visitors from the Bay Area.


Grants Pass and the surrounding regions have been a great place to forge new friendships too, and I am never at a loss for an equally wonderful social life here and I have truly been enjoying a shift to more monastic ways in my twilight years. 


LGBT San Francisco my first solo monograph with Reel Art Press, published in 2017 could not have happened if I was still in San Francisco. The solitude afforded here in Oregon was essential to the success of the editing process.  My hope for the coming years is to make more book projects, perhaps next will be a book devoted to the 10 years at my studio at 320 Fell Street in SF, and then perhaps book of all theatre work and so on… and maybe/hopefully a few more print on demand genealogy-based projects to keep the channels open to my ancestors who flow through my life quite regularly these daze….


I would be remiss in not mentioning that I have been having noticeable shifts in the integrity of my memory… on one hand I have been pro-actively cultivating living more liminally but on the other hand it is very clear to me that the time available to do all the projects I would like to leave behind is not limitless.


None the less, I will always be a photographer drawn to making new work and in this gallery you will find a small sampling of the diversity and wonder that IS Oregon.