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I am a photographer who began my career in 1975 as an intern to Crawford Barton. Crawford (b.1943 – d. 1993) was then a staff photographer for the U.S. national “gay” magazine The Advocate among other publications.

I also worked in Harvey Milk’s camera store in the heart of the burgeoning lesbian gay bisexual transgender mecca of San Francisco and I was involved in Milk’s victorious election as the 7th openly LGBT elected official in the U.S. history*.  The victories of these courageous people and their supporters signaled a new era of visibility for the LGBT rights movement.

Never very far from our vision for the future was awareness of the longer history of activism and resistance by many other LGBT pioneers such as José Sarria who ran for SF Supervisor in 1961, stunning the popular imagination by garnering 6,000 votes despite vote suppression efforts against him. 

My work maps my romance with San Francisco history and its people, especially lesbian, gay bisexual, transgender people and our allies and is built upon the shoulders of our elders and ancestors.

My photography has been featured in numerous settings: books, periodicals, films and collections, etc. (a CV is available for download in the press section).

* (Milk’s election as an out candidate was preceded by Assembly Member Elaine Noble, City Council members: Kathy Kozachenko, Jerry DeGrieck, Nancy Wechsler, and Jim Yeadon and Senator Allan Spear).

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