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“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”

- Anais Nin

Thank you!


Web design: Debra St. John


All of Harvey Milk’s family and colleagues

Especially the late Mrs. Elva Smith (Scott Smith’s mom)


Linda Alband, Randy Alfred, Tom Ammiano, Martha and the late Ernie Astin,

Allan Baird, Walter Caplan, Marc Cohen, Kent Denning,

Rob Epstein, Margaret Gaffney,

Sally Miller - Gerhart, Jim Gordon, Tory and the late Bill Hartmann,

Bobby Heacock, Anne Kronenberg and Family,

Cleve Jones, Audrey and Stuart Milk,

Richard Nichols and Don Pearson, Medora Payne-Sebotka,

Denton Smith, Michael Wong


The late: Harry Britt, Joe Campbell, Wayne Friday, Chuck Frutchey, Terry Henderling, Rick Jasany, Galen McKinley,

Lee Mentley, Tom OHorgan, Dick Pabich, Dennis Perone, Larry Piet,Tom Randol, Jim Rivaldo, Frank Robinson,

Bob Ross, John Rykman, Scott Smith, Odette Terrel des Chenes, David Waggoner, John Wahl, Hank Wilson

Home page image:

The Pink Triangle Commemorative Installation on Twin Peaks in SF.

The Annual project was founded by Patrick Carney in 1995.


The crew of Milk,

Gus Van Sant and Dustin Lance Black,

Focus Features, Inc.  -  Jade Alex, RJ Millard, Nick Dawson,

James Ferrara, et al,

Dan Jinks and Bruce Cohen, Groundswell Films,

Phil Bray, Danny Glicker, Scott Green,


All the actors from MILK and their colleagues

Brandon Boyce, Josh Brolin, Joseph Cross, Lucas Grabeel,

Emile Hirsch, Diego Luna, Dave Franco, James Franco,

Victor Garber, Jill Maragos, Mark Martinez,

Becky Motorlodge, Denis O’Hare, Sean Penn,

Alison Pill, Rick Rea, Svi Howard Rosenman,

Stephen Spinelli, Kelvin Yu


Parents Salvatore and Helen and siblings Domenica,

John and Lorraine Nicoletta, et al – my family of origin,

and my lover Michael Pinatelli Jr. and his family of origin


Electric Works – (The Lang Family, Anthony Luzzi, Morgan W.D.,

Nick Widman & interns Emma Steven – Smith and Ian Fabre.)


Tim Campbell and Steven Machado,

Bernzweig Framing,

Bryan Darling Photography,

Bucheon Gallery,

Gamma Photo Lab,

The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Historical Society,

Hanson Digital,

Lawrence Hellman Public Relations,

Kegel Kater make up,

Fidel Lirio @Creative Services Inc.,

Melanie Paulina make up,

SF LGBT Pride Celebration

The Thrillpeddlers


And also:


Biron, David Bonetti, Raven Bourassa, Bob Burnside, Jillian Clarke, Meredith Clarke – Anderson,Lenny Ciacci,

Jeff Dauber,Matthew DeGumbia, Dolores Deluce, Richard Dworkin, Marcus Ewert, Kevin Fox, , Norm Halm,

Tom Horn, Marc Huestis, Fredini Kahl,S. Brett Kaufman, Gerard Koskovich, Mark Mace, Jim Maher,

Anthony Mahone, Stan Maletic, Mark Mardon, Don and Fran Miller, Rumi Missabu, Chuck Mobley,

Donald Montwell, Juanita More, Michael Munzell, Eric Noble, Tony Nourmand, Will Patterson, Rodney Phillips,

Efren Ramirez, Reel Art Press,Brad Russo, Craig Rydell, Rick Shelton, Stafford, Dee Dee Stout,

Jesse Lee Stout, Dano Suits, Jim Van Buskirk, Viva Vinson, Jack Von Euw,


 Press colleagues


Bay Area Reporter

Sister Dana Van Iquity

SF Bay Times

Leah Garchik

Lisa Geduldig

Edward Guthmann

Jordy Jones


Josh Rotter

Johnny Ray Huston

Bill Wilson

Gareth Gooch

Mark Garrett and Eric Smith

George Lester

Lisa Baker


 Photography mentors: The late: Crawford Barton,

Morrie Camhi, Guy Corry, Bill Skumurski


And I would like to also thank all the people who appear in and helped create my photographs for their willingness

to oblige my curiosity and vision


and anyone I may have omitted - you are here in Spirit!

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